‘The Leader in Me’ is the foundation module of RdL’s Emerging Leader Program.

The Emerging Leader Program has been developed and implemented within Australia, the Pacific Region, Europe, Asia and Africa and has created significant behavioural change in the attendees following participation.

The program is unlike any other being delivered and focuses heavily on ensuring behavioural change. The behavioural change is encouraged through the optional Master Classes or 1 on 1 Executive Coaching using Zoom or other suitable technology.

In addition to the online learning experience, you will also be encouraged to take part in self paced project work to further develop your leadership skills in a practical way.

The Leader in Me changes the way you think in your role and encourages you to think of your role as a leader not a manager.

There is a significant difference between Manager and Leader and often these differences are lost in translation, leading to poor leadership and even worse long term management of the team.

Just like a parent takes a leadership role in leading the growth and development of their children, a solid leader must have the same mindset if they want growth and development of their people in their team.

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RdL – The Leader in Me

‘The Leader in Me’ is the foundation module of effective leadership and will kick start your journey to becoming a better leader. This module is not designed specifically for an existing Manager or person in a position of authority but is for anyone wanting to improve their ability to lead, build relationships, trust and loyalty […]
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