RdL – The Leader in Me

RdL – The Leader in Me

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‘The Leader in Me’ is the foundation module of effective leadership and will kick start your journey to becoming a better leader.

This module is not designed specifically for an existing Manager or person in a position of authority but is for anyone wanting to improve their ability to lead, build relationships, trust and loyalty from others.

The Leader in Me is broken down into 5 units as follows;

  1. Define the difference between Manager and Leader

    In this unit we focus heavily on understand the core differences between management and leadership. People in management roles often fall into the understand they automatically become a leader due to their title. This is far from true.

    Leadership is a choice and to be an effective leader takes effort and thought. It does not always come naturally but the great news is you can build on your leadership foundations to grow and become a solid leader.

  2. Understand the characteristics of Management and Leadership

    In this unit we will discover the fundamental differences between the characteristics of a manager and a leader.

    Managers have subordinates where leaders have followers.

  3. Stages of Competence

    Here we look into 4 core stages of competence and RdL’s additional 2 stages.

    We cover this during the program to make people aware of the fact that as they develop their leadership skills, they will progress through the stages of competence and will continue to move up and down the stages as they start developing more and more leadership qualities.

  4. Situational Leadership

    Being a great leader is about being flexible to the needs of each situation and customising an approach to each person in your team.

    There is no one leadership style that best suits every situation. We need to understand that great leadership stems from flexibility and understanding.

  5. Emotional Intelligence

    Showing flexibility in your leadership style becomes so much easier when we can control our emotional state.

    In this unit RdL shares the 2 different perspectives to emotional intelligence and the core challenge for all leaders, ensuring your people know exactly how you will behave and respond at any given moment.

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