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How to Avoid the Post Festive Season Debt

For many of us, holiday debt is just a part of the festive season. We’re so conditioned to just “putting it on the credit card” that we often don’t realise how much debt we’ve actually created for ourselves until it comes to receiving our January credit card statement.

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Should you purchase an investment property...or not?

Buying an investment property is still one of the most popular ways to invest for Australians. It is a great way to diversify your investment portfolio and increase your wealth, but unfortunately, there is a common misconception that investing your money into property will always deliver a positive outcome. While investing in property can definitely secure your financial future, it isn’t always the best option for everyone and can have you being more out of pocket than you were before the investment. Choosing the correct property, maintaining it etc. all takes work.

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Buying a house with your SMSF

People have been using their superannuation to buy property in their SMSF for a long time now, and it’s becoming increasingly popular, but, as with any big financial decision, it requires a lot of research and consideration.

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